Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy New Year!

I am so thankful that the holidays are over, we had a wonderful holiday season, even if it was hectic and I seemed to be at the grocery store too much and cooked too much and lots of washing dishes. We are truly blessed! My off-handed goals for this year are to finish up my last tub of bear fur, then onto cloth doll making. I also want to spend more time playing electric guitar, read more music, and writing songs. I have a quilt to finish - the top is done, I have to modify the backing because I bought it years ago & didn't buy enough so that's where I am now. And, continue to paint. We're planning a trip to Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico in the spring, and the Highland Art Guild Friday morning paint crew is planning a trip to Ruidoso in September. No more doctors this year if we can at all help it! Happy New Year everybody may your year be blessed.

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