Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's been awhile and not all good things have happened to us.  In October, we put both our old dogs to sleep because their quality of life was getting worse and worse so we let them die with dignity.  Then in November, a coyote came into the neighborhood and killed Bill the Cat, all of the outside cats are missing, and our 8 month old kitten Lucky went missing, too.  All out searches, newspaper ads, rewards, house to house inquiries yielded nothing, other neighbors' cats are missing too, no new neighbors in the 'hood, and I saw a good sized coyote twice at the end of the street.  From there is an open field and ranch land, it's so dry there is no water and food so the wild animals have started coming into the neighborhoods.  Then Christmas was busy as always, work was plentiful this summer and into the winter (we actually had a couple of days below freezing), which we are grateful for.  And of course, church keeps us happily busy.  I am now teaching guitar through the prestigious Harmony School for the Creative Arts and have 9 students.  It keeps me on my toes, I'm blessed with some really great students that are easy to teach.  Who'd a thunk it - me a guitar teacher?  Our Praise Band that we have nicknamed New Beginnings is doing great and I'm still the bass player.  With the addition of an electric guitar, we have an even bigger sound.  I rejoined the Highland Art Gallery and the Friday Art Bunch is going strong.  Check us out on Etsy. and me  Now that I'm able to get back into my blog, I'll try to stay more current!