Monday, March 8, 2010

Trip to New Orleans

My mother and I drove from Giddings, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana last week for a funeral. We took a detour to Crockett, Texas to visit my aunt overnight & then headed up Highway 287 through the Big Thicket to Beaumont & on to our destination. Mother's cousin, Millie Stehle Harris, passed away at the age of 98 so it was a chance for family to gather & celebrate her wonderful, long life. I hadn't seen some of my cousins for 30 years but it didn't seem like it and now it's going to be easier to keep in touch with email and cell phones! After the funeral Mom and I toured the French Quarter and surprisingly got caught up in the St. Joseph's Day parade. She ended up with a neck full of beads and a bunch of paper roses all hand delivered to her by some nicely dressed men who had been drinking heavily for most of the day. In exchange she had to give each one of them a kiss on the cheek. All I got was the broken beads I could fish out of the gutter and didn't kiss nobody. It was a rejuvenation for both of us, some people head for a spa, some go on a cruise, we head for the nasty, filthy French Quarter for our soul cleansing. Don't ask, it's a Who Dat thang!