Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I finally finished this painting!

This my dad & 2 of his brothers painted from a photo taken in 1947.  I painted this in acrylics on a 24 x 36 all media canvas.  It was a booger and now I know better than to use acrylics - I'm stickin' with what I know & that's watercolor.  I've got a big sheet of watercolor paper to try this again!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Fall in the Texas Hill Country!

We finally got some rain all weekend over 5 inches for us in Burnet!  The sunsets and sunrises have been beautiful over the last couple of days and there is actually dew on the ground - that's something we haven't seen for awhile.  And, the temperatures are down to 87-90 degrees - get out the coats!  So now all the Texans who ran off to Colorado because they can't take the heat can come home now!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I don't usually get controversial in these blogs or anywhere on the 'net but I have to speak out this time during Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I suffered (and am still suffering) breast cancer last year.  Thankfully, it was stage 0 and it's gone now but I'd like to share some of my observations.  First and foremost, when you give money to these big corporate "charities" all you are doing is supporting the charity.  If I contacted the NFL & asked them to buy a whole bunch of pink gloves & Nike shoes for their players, would they do it?  Even with health insurance, the treatments bankrupted us and I'm still paying.  I contacted the Breast Cancer Resource Center, all I got was a pink tote bag full of pink crap I couldn't use and didn't want.  When I asked the director how much those bags cost to put together, she told me about $35.  I gave the bag back & asked for the $35 - didn't get it.  I contacted American Cancer Society asking for help to pay medical bills and buy my prescriptions, no help there - they aren't in the business of helping individuals but directed me to my local food bank and maybe I should contact the local churches.  Susan B. Komen organization has so much money they can afford to sue anybody that uses their "for the cure" slogan (and win).  The money collected goes to "research" and while there has been some headway in cancer treatment, for the most part the treatment is the same as it was 25 years ago.  Who is in charge of "research"?  The drug companies.  I rest my case (as the legal community says).  So, if you really want to help fight breast cancer, find someone in need and clean their house, buy some groceries, give them a free ride to treatment and then buy lunch, give them money, gift cards, I'm sure you get my drift.  That person will feel better and so will you - your money will be helping someone who needs it and not the director's salary increase for some big corporate charity.  So many women have to keep their jobs during treatment because of the health insurance factor and it's very exhausting to go through chemo or radiation.  Thank God I had my family and my church, Genesis Lutheran there to help me through with support and encouragement.  I highly recommend a church family for everybody.  Anyway, that's just my observations and I hope somebody in power someday has enough compassion and puts aside greed and money to help those who really need it.